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Mixa About Us

    Eco Stripper is an effective, friendly, industrial strength stripper designed to remove water based and solvent-based sealers and paint off concrete. Eco Stripper will also remove several layers of paint off drums and varnishes and urethanes from timber furniture and flooring without the need to sand, making it a versatile easy to use product.

    Floor Stripper is an effective industrial strength stripper designed to remove water based wax emulsions and finishes from concrete and vinyl flooring. It can be applied undiluted but is most economical when diluted with up to 20 parts water to 1 part stripper and used with an abrasive disc. The floor can then be refinished or sealed to restore the surface as new.

    A blend of strong, non flammable, low odour solvents to lift paints off bricks and concrete.

    A specially formulated water based stripper for plastic and other hard surfaces to remove marking pen graffiti.

    Mixa Pty Ltd
    Unit 10 11-13 Foundry Road
    Seven Hills, NSW 2147
    Phone: 02 9624 8222
    Fax:     02 9838 7862

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