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Eco Stripper

Eco Stripper is an effective, friendly, industrial strength stripper designed to remove water based and solvent-based sealers and paint off concrete. Eco Stripper will also remove several layers of paint off drums and varnishes and urethanes from timber furniture and flooring without the need to sand, making it a versatile easy to use product.


Eco Stripper has low toxicity with high solvency and compares in performance to Methylene Chloride based strippers without the carcinogenic problems, allowing you to work indoors or outdoors without the odour of the more traditional strippers.


Eco Stripper will remove water-based coatings and epoxy coatings off concrete where Methylene Chloride Strippers fail.



         Low Odour

         Low Toxicity

         Non Carcinogenic

         Water soluble and water rinseable


         pH neutral


         Low Evaporation rate

         Gelled for performance



Spread on surface with squeegee, brush or spray to a uniform thickness, the type of coating and layers will determine the time it will take Eco Stripper to work. Allow the Eco Stripper to work and check its progress with a scraper, epoxy coatings will take up to 12 hours to lift off. When ready, the coating can be removed with a scraper and the residue washed off with water, concrete should be power washed to a clean surface.


Laboratory testing shows that up to 10 times more of a Methylene Chloride based stripper will be applied to give the same result as Eco Stripper, as the Eco Stripper can be rolled on in a very thin film and will still be as effective at the low application weight.


Eco Stripper is safe to use on concrete, bricks, stone, metals and wood on vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Do not use on plastic and PVC surfaces and if used on fiberglass dulling may occur and damage may be evident over prolonged periods in excess of 12 hours.

                         Available in 5lt, 20lt Plastic Cubes and 200lt Drums.

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