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Gum Remover

A blend of selected solvents and surfactants designed to lift wads of chewing gum off fabric and hard surfaces. Can be used as a stand alone product or as a pretreatment prior to steam cleaning or pressure cleaning.


Gum Remover should be poured on to the wad of gum to thoroughly wet the area and allowed to work for 10-15 minutes.


Then using a spatula or knife carefully lift the gum off the surface and scrape any residue away.


If the gum is old and dry it is advisable to scuff or scratch the surface of the gum with a steel scourer or wire brush before pouring the Gum Remover on. This will allow the gum remover to soften the gum quicker. Care needs to be used here if the gum is on a fabric surface not to touch the fabric with the brush or scourer.


Wipe or dab with cloth to dry the excess solvent.


Eco Scrubber Solution can be misted over the area and wiped with a clean cloth to give a final clean if required.

When Gum Remover is used as a pretreatment spotter for gum removal it is not necessary to scrape the soften wad off the surface, the action of the steam carpet cleaner or pressure wand will be sufficient.


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