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Enhance AE300

Enhance AE 300 is specially formulated water based stone enhancer designed to darken and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed Granite, Marble, Slate and other natural stone products whilst providing good water and stain protection. Enhance AE 300 rejuvenates the colour and appearance of worn and weathered stone giving it a new life.




Enhance AE 300 can also be used to enhance coloured concrete, masonry and bricks leaving a "wet look" appearance without altering the surface characteristics.


Caution: the colour change is irreversible and will not fade so care must be used before application and testing a small inconspicuous area is essential to ensure the final result is to expectation.




Enhance AE 300 penetrates the surface of natural stone, engineered stone and concrete to create a water repellent, breathable seal which imparts some stain resistance whilst producing a "wet look" colour enhancing effect.





Protect any adjacent areas by masking to avoid splashes or overspray onto surfaces not intended to be treated.

The surface must be clean but can be damp.

A damping spray of water on concrete and porous substrates prior to coating improves the penetration and increases the stain protection on these surfaces

Apply liberal coating of Enhance AE 300 using brush, roller or low pressure spray

Leave the coating to penetrate the surface for 5-30minutes, required colour is dependent on time / penetration

Wipe off excess with clean cloth prior to the Enhance AE 300 fully drying.

Do not allow excess to fully dry on the surface as it may result in a residue that will need to be mechanically removed.

Repeat the process for a greater depth of colour enhancement.

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